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Hornady Ballistic Calculator

Just went over to the Hornady site fooling around and found their ballistic calculator. It's in "ballistic resourses".

Anyway, I fed data into it that I got from my cronograph to see how close the two came. They are exact! If you need to figure out the trajectory for a load, this will do it. You'll need the bullet dia, bullet weight, ballistic coefficent and muzzle velocity. If you don't have that stuff, fake it. You have published velocity data and just cross reference another bullet of the same dia, weight and shape. The b.c. for that will be close enough to get you going.

I've been shooting Hornaday for 37 yrs now for all hunting withut a problem and never knew they had that program. A small shameless plug for my favorite bullet!! Thumbs up

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Hornady Ballistic Calculator

I'll be checking that out in a few short minutes

Thanks Don Thumbs up

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Hornady Ballistic Calculator

I fooled around with that chart this past winter. It is a really neat tool.

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