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Hornadays new SST shotgun slug

Hi I am pretty new to this whole forum deal, but it looked neat so I thought I would give it a try. Anyways why I am posting this is because I found a new shotgun slug forom Hornaday that has incrediable statistics...dead on at 150 yards! I was just curious if anyone else had tried them and what there results where?

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Hornadays new SST shotgun slug

I tried the new SSTslugs this year. They grouped really good at 100 yds
(1 1/2"). I was having trouble at 200 yds, but am pretty sure that it was operator error eye roll . P.S.- Don't shoot a .458 win mag prior to sighting in your slug gun.

As far as field results I'll let you know after second season. The jury is still out as for now.