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Homemade Long Bow Hunters???

I would like to hear personal design techniques and recommendations of those traditional guys who like to make thier own long bows and actually hunt succesfully with them.  I have attempted to construct some for and with my kids (4 teenagers plus 3 foster teens).  It was fun trying but I hope to actually build for hunting too.  I am open for suggestions.  Thanks 

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Some thoughts

I have been hunting off and on with my home made equipment for quite a few years. I have several bows that are my go to weapons. One is a static recurve, osage orange with a sinew back. I really like this one, BUT, it is not as easy to achieve respectable accuracy as it is with a longbow. If I was just starting out, I would build an Ipe longbow with a hickory back. Not only are they beautiful, they are indestructible, extremely tolerant of tillering mistakes, fast shooters and pretty cheap.

One 20 dollar 1x6 x 72" Ipe board will yield 4 bows, plus the hickory backing from 3 rivers and your into each bow for 20 bucks, give or take:\\\\:D/ . Assuming no disasters are made while tillering Whistling you can make these bows from 40 lbs all the way to 100 lbs and they will last as long as you will. They are cheap enough that your teenagers can try their hands at it and nothing big is lost if they screw it up.


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