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cowgal wrote:
e4c4ever wrote:
It''s a hoax!

In what way? Do you mean the photos have been doctored? Or was the hog simply a farm raised hog that was released?

It does seem unbelievable that a hog that size went undetected for this long.

Would like to hear more about this and if its legit.

Photos doctored:

Yes, in fact there was some evidence of photo shopping.

Farm raised pig:

Yes, it was confirmed it was some pen raised HOG!

I think they knew it was a farm raised pig all along.

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Guys, this is the most creditable infromation I could find. The information comes from Outdoor Life, August 2007, pg 18. 1,051lbs hog was shot on a hunting plantation in Alabama, it out weighed Hogzilla by 51lbs. It was confirmed by the Anniston Star that it was sold to the hunting plantation by a hog farmer a few days before it was shot. The Alabama Game and Fish Commission investigated the report and found it was shot on the game farm and the hunt was completly legal. So, it was a real hog, shot by Jamison Stone, but he did not know at the time it was not a wild (Feral) hog. Even though it was a farm raised hog...dang it is a big hog.

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