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Hogs vs. Deer

Got a little experience with the hog lights. No expert by anymenas but heres what i found worked. We used a red lens and we made sure we lit the lens when it was off the pigs. By swinging it onto them slowly they seemed not to notice it at all. However if you lit them up directly they would take notice.

Fars as pigs and deer, kill all the pigs you can if you want to keep your deer around. Given the right feed sources its not uncommon at all for a sow to have 3 litters a year and by the time the third one hits the ground the first litter sows are pregnant. As well I can attest to the fact that hogs will breed year round, there aint a time of the year i cant go out and see new sholts.

On intelligence, I dont belive theres much smarter than an old boar. What he lasks in vision which in truth aint much, is more than made up for with ears and nose. Thank goodness his nose stays low to the ground for the most part Gives a hunter a little bit of a break. Despite the fact they are a terro on native wildlife, I dare say theres never been a better bowhunting animal made. They have provided me with many great hunts.

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Hogs vs. Deer

Thanks guys for all the advise. I do like hunting them it just seems this year has been harder than past years for some reason. We killed 10 or 15 last year and are not seeing them like last year during the day. Thats why I was asking about night hunting them. The red lense sounds like the way to go I will try that this weekend. I do look foward to getting in those woods, just wish more people understood how wonderful this opprtunity is. Thank Goodness for the 2nd ammendment and the NRA. Have a great hunt this weekend for all that are going to be out there. We will continue next week can't wait to here how everyone did this weekend. Good Luck

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Hogs vs. Deer

"just wish more people understood how wonderful this opprtunity is. Thank Goodness for the 2nd ammendment and the NRA."

I hear that.......God bless our troops for standing up for us all (wether we deserve it or not) and fighting to keep it too.

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