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Hogs attacking deer?

Has anyone ever seen video or know if hogs attack deer. It seems like that fight could get pretty nasty and I wouldn't want to get in between it. Seems like they are competing in very close proximity in a lot of the country and that fights could be pretty common but I have never heard about it.

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hogs n deer

I'd find it pretty far-fetched to think of a hog attacking a fully grown deer. However, it's certainly not uncommon for a big hog to find, kill and eat deer fawns. Depending on the area, I'd find it hard to believe that a big ole boar has any natural enemies, except for another bigger boar. Laugh if you like, but having seen the toughness of a big boar's shield, I'd doubt that even a black bear would want to mess with a really big one. 

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If a hog feels threatened, it

If a hog feels threatened, it will charge almost anything including humans.  I am not sure if there are any video examples of this, but they have a nasty temperment.

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