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Hog hunting tips

So i have finally got an oppurtunity to give pig hunting a try. does anyone have any tips on how to go about hunting these little creatures? Is baiting the answer or can spot and stock be affective? The hogs were originally in a high fence pen but they managed to get out and the Conservation officers want them all killed so there is no limit to how many we can shoot, so i would like to get a few with my .45-70 and try some with my bow as well. any tips or strategies would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Hog hunting tips

I'm most certainly not an expert hog hunter, but I've been on four trips now to "hog rich" areas in Ga and S.C. and really enjoy hunting them. Hunting them is very similar to hunting deer, IMO. Of course hog-doggers would disagree, but I have not hunted hogs with dogs. A hog's nose is at least as sensitive as any deer and likely even more so. So any set-up you might use, stand - wise should keep that as an important consideration.

Hogs are thinking about food pretty much any time they are on their feet (as do deer most of the year) and baiting can be very useful for your hunt. Corn is a good bait and if time is available, soured corn is a really good attractant. Simply throwing some corn on the ground (or using a feeder) is useful, but you also might spend a little time and bury some as well. Bury some corn near by where you toss some above ground and it will surely get their interest, and cause them to dig and root, staying a bit longer in the area.

Some say most any sweet smell attracts them as well and many use vanilla as an attractant scent as well. If you find hog tracks (similar to deer, but rounder) try putting some bait in the area. Once they find some free food stuff they'll likely return for more. Add more, bury some at up to 12" under the surface near by and get seated in that area well before light begins to fade. I don't have any idea about the size hogs that have escaped in your area, but if they are large boars (males) they will have a very tough protective shield covering their heart/lung area. On a large male of say over 250 lbs this can be enough to really require a well made bullet in an adequate caliber. I'd say something like 6.5mm or larger will work with bullets of good SD. A 30/30 is likely adequate hog medicine for all but the largest boars....but it's always best to be prepared.

A sow will not have this tough shield, but you'll likely not know which you're shooting at. They still have big bones and can be pretty tough to put down, if not hit well. Both lungs and heart lie a bit further forward than on a deer and it might be a good idea to look online for a little anatomy lesson. A neck shot is usually very effective, but still may not work on a really large boar, depending on caliber and bullet. I have seen a large boar's sheild turn a .44 mag 270gr SP bullet fired from a rifle, and a shot directly to the neck which did not kill a large boar. Not monsters of course, but tenacious and pound for pound about as tough as anything in the eastern U.S. I'd say tougher to kill than a same sized black bear.

Hope that helped some. Good luck and I'll bet you'll enjoy your hunt.

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Re: Hog hunting tips

Thanks for all the great info deerhunter! I will be using 500 gr BuffaloBore ammo for the .45-70 so i think i am good there, but my buddy will be using his 30-06, any bullet reccomendations for that?

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