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Hog hunting Texas

I am looking for a good place to hunt hogs near central Texas, any ideas?

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15 min from CC, TX

Attention!!! Now offering day Hog Hunts just 15 minutes from downtown CC, TX!! Great prices and rate of success!! See below info.

What: Hog Hunts

- morning, evening, or full day
- 200 acre gated ranch with cut cenderos
- 6 rifle blinds with electric feeders (50-150 yds)
- 2 bow hunting stands with electric feeders (30 yds)
- year round feeding
- sighted in rifles may be lent out upon request

(All Hogs must be taken by either rifle or bowonly! Sorry, but absolutely no dogs allowed on ranch. We dont want them chasing our deer!)


- 15 minutes from CC, TX. We are located on the shoreline of the Nueces Bay in-between Gregory Portland and Odem, TX. You can come from either 181 or 77. We will meet you at an agreed upon location and lead you into the ranch.


- $150 flat rate (no kill fees on Hogs)
- 2nd hunt at no cost if you dont shoot

(There is a high success rate and we would love to give a money back garuntee. However, we spend alot of time and money doing these hunts and can not come away empty handed. We want you to be successfull though, so we offer a 2nd hunt at no cost if you do not shoot the first time. Does not apply for misses or wounded animals.)

Contact Info: 361-945-1441

- call to set hunt or for additional info
- please do not call before 8 am or after 10 pm (thanks)

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