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Hog Hunting In Oklahoma

There is another place you may want to check into. http://WWW.BOWSAFARI.COM. They have some damn big hogs. I have several friends that have been there and all have had very good things to say about it.

As for the Shiloh Ranch, I have heard very good things about it too. I have hunted hogs at 6 different places and I will tell you hogs will not come up to you. I have told many people that I think hogs are smarter than deer. Dont laugh. I have hunted them on a 40 acre place 1 time and those hogs were harder to get on to than the ones I hunted on a 5000 acre place in Texas. Something about them wanting to stay alive makes them hard to hunt.

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Chain Ranch

If you are looking for a place that has both high fence and free range you should try the chain ranch..I've hunted there on two seperate occasions;both times taking really nice hogs..If you are wanting a true trophy,free range is where to go for the big boys!! Might want to look into bow safari too..they offer some good hunts for high fenced hunts and I have taken some wall hangers off their property as well..JUST A THOUGHT!

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