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Hog Hunting with Hounds in Va/NC

I am looking to go on a hog hunt with hounds, never been before. are there any clubs or hunting places that do a paid/guides hut for hogs in and around Virginia or Noth Carolina? I coon hunt and have foxhunted...I love hunting with hounds and I really really reallllllyyyyy want to go hog hunting. thanks y'all!

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Where are you located?  I may

Where are you located? 

I may can set you up with a hog hunt with hounds. 

It's a hit or miss proposition as most hunters around here 

will shoot them during deer season and not let any hounds on their property 

during deer season. After the season, they usually let hunters in to chase hogs then, but only after deer season. 

I'll get back to you. 

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