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hog hunting

i went hog hunting at my uncles and those hogs were BIG! my dad shot 1 with a 7mm and blew a big hole in it! I had to shoot one 3 times with a 242. wat guns do yall use?

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hog hunting

It depends on the range. I would normally use my 300 WSM, but if they're going to be close I prefer my 12-gauge 870 with rifled slugs so I can put a quick bead on a charging critter and drop it fast.

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hog hunting

I use a 7mm-08. The pigs that I hunt are not that pig. I would guess live weight at around 200 lbs. The vitals in a pig are a little farther forward than in a deer. If you are going for a lung shot, you want to put one through the shoulder. I personally go for head shots. This is primarily because my shots are close and I am tryihg to minimize the meat loss.

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hog hunting

I dropped a 300 lb Boar out here in NorCal with my .243, but it took four shots, including one about 1/2 inch below his left eye (only made him turn and charge me). I won't use that rifle for pigs again. Now I use a 300 mag if there could be some long shots where I'm hunting, or I use my 30-30 with some 220 gr. round nose handloads for dense brush work (shots out to 75 yds or so)

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hog hunting

i've never had a problem with my 30-06. but ohio hogs max out at around 200 or so, unless raised in captivity..

the 30-06 falls right between the 300 win mag and the .308, so, for me, it's a good compromise between power and consistancy.

i'm even confident enough with that calibur to shoot 150 gr hornady interlok's, it's a small bullet, but it buried into the gristle plate, just under the skin of the opposite side of the nice boar hog i shot last november. can't wait to do it again!

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