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Hog Hunt - Paso Robles Ca

We just got back from a 3 day hog hunt with Cavaletto Outdoors ($650 each). To say it was great would be an understatement, and I'm not easy to please. The ranch was literally loaded with pigs. Craig and his partner guide, Josh, were extremely knowledgeable and the best of people to be around. The rustic cabin and facilities were more than adequate for male hunters, but leave a bit to be desired if you're bringing a female companion. Who does that anyway? The fifth wheel trailer on site is available, if they're not too girlie. Ours were and cost me a bundle to put up at a local, overpriced hotel. It is the wine country after all.

Three of our party of four were new to hunting in general and had never been pig hunting. The first evening of the 3 day hunt, our youngest (15 yrs) hunter took his 160 pound porker with one shot from 164 yards. The next morning, the rest of us (3) hunters were tagged out by 7:10 AM with many shots taken and many pigs seen. The pigs taken in the morning ran 180lbs, 246lbs and 248lbs. Two large boars, with large tusks, and a decent calico colored sow. Te next couple of days were spent relaxing and shooting at the hundreds of squirrels located on the ranch and a suicidal coyote. I've been on two guided pig trips and this ranch and facilities by far was the best and had way more hogs. None of the hogs are residents on the ranch. They move over the Cavaletto Ranch between their feeding ground, a huge barley field on a ranch south, and a huge bedding ranch to the north. The hunts are morning and evenings and there's plenty of pigs to shoot at. The ranch cabin. The trailer is parked behind the cabin and the cabin in situated about 4 miles from the nearest public / paved road. You have to drive through a couple of ranch gates on a dirt road to get to the cabin. This is a pretty big cattle ranch and encompasses 4800 acres of prime pig real estate.

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Some nice pigs there! 

Some nice pigs there!  Congrats!

Been wanting to head up that way for awhile now to do some pig hunting.  I know some of the vinyards are overrun with them, just tough to find a place to hunt.


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It was a great hunt, no

It was a great hunt, no doubt. Most of the pigs feeding in the area, I'm told, do not really feed much in the vineyards, but rather the barley fields, as they seem to prefer it over grapes. The trails on the ranch I hunted had absolutely huge, runway sized, trails leading to and from the barley fields on the adjacent ranch. It was a matter of setting up on a trail and waiting for the pigs to come along, either going to the barley in the evening, or coming off it int the morning. Very prdictable stuff. Challenging shots of walking, or running if you missed a shot, from ranges of 60 yrds out to around 170 yrds. Very doeable stuff. None in our group was a seasoned, or great shot.

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