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Hog Dogs

I totally agree with the last post. Curr dogs do not have the nose of a hound. They usually use the wind to wind a hog and go to him. Where as a hound like a plot of such can cold track a hog that past long ago. I just prefer the curr over hounds for that reason. Our tracking system only goes 1.5 miles and hounds can be out of that range very quickly. Definetly need a dogo or pit for a good catch dog.... do not hunt with dogs with out a catch dog or your problems will mount very quickly. We even hunt a few jagd terriers that are out of Germany. They are gritty and have a heart of a lion, and weigh about 20-30 lbs..... but hunt like a pro. My jack russell is even a terror on legs, and will latch on like a tick. Whatever you choose, a good hog dog will cost you money if it is a proven dog. Be careful and good luck and get ready for a great adrenaline rush when you bay the first one.....ever get to Texas, look me up and we will show you a time.....

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Hog Dogs

if you'd like to see some good plotts and are ever in northeast tn let me know and i'll show what i've got to ya

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Hog Dogs

Try blue lacy or mountain curs. They tend to have more nose than most cur dogs. I have a blue lacy and have noticed they can track like a hound. They're a rare breed tho but aren't expensive. http://Www.lacydog.com

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Hog Dogs

Ted, I posted this question on another website and got the same suggestion -- the blue lacy. Seem like great dogs!

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