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Hip Boots

I have hunted moose in Sweden every year for the last 15 years. The terrain there is somewhat similar to the Alaskan terrain. Anyways, I usually use knee high rubber boots and I have never gooten wet. I have been reading in various magazines that hip boots are reccomended for Alaska. Do you think knne highs are good enough or should I invest in hip boots? Thanks for the advice.........Peter

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Hip Boots

Where in AK are you hunting moose? If <3000' ASL I'd say yes to the hipboots, >3000' I'd stick with leather & a good sealant.
Boat hunting? Hip boots req'd. Be careful of the "alaskan sneakers" by Cabelas...hard to get off when they fill-up with water...the water there is so cold it will suck your breath away & you will drown.

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