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Himilayan Snowcock hunting in Nevada?

I was curious if anyone had ever hunted or knew info about himilayan snowcock in Nevada?

I have a deer hunt there this year and was hoping I could bag on of the big birds.

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Drive to the Ruby Mountains; it's the only place in North America that you'll find them.  I'd suggest Lamoille canyon as the road goes the deepest into the range.  Park at roads end, look up to the highest peaks, tighten your boot straps and start walking up, and up, and up...

Most of the folks hunting these birds do so in a dedicated fashion, i.e. back packing and overnighting it for a couple of days minimum.  Your binoclulars will be your best friend.  Many have said that the perfect gun for them would be a .22 hornet if only it were legal.  These birds, like blue grouse, actually migrate up in the winter but by that time the mountain is unaccessible unless you heliski.

No-one hunts them for the meat.  Last I saw the limit's one and they aren't that big.  As for flavor lets just say I wouldn't walk across the street to eat one.  Look for a good taxidermist before a good recipe. 

The only one I have shot at was accidentally flushed while on a day hunt for blue grouse more years ago than I want to admit to.  Missed it clean but the two I was hunting with, both experienced snowcock hunters, were amazed that I saw it that low on the mountain & suggested that they would have both done bodily harm to me had I killed it, considering how hard the few they had killed had come.

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I read about them once. From

I read about them once. From what I read you can't get high enough and a deer rifle should work if you choose a good bullet! From what I read they are huge! If ya get one, take some photo's.

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I have seen several of them

I have seen several of them in the ruby mnts. Halfast is exactly right, they are on the highest points of the mnts on the canyon walls. Great looking birds.

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