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Hill Country Rifles/H&S Precision Rifle, thumb hole stoc

I am in the process of deciding on which custom rifle to purchase. I have narrowed my search to either a rifle from H&S Precsion or Hill Country Rifles. I have fired a tactical version of the H&S and it is a very good shooting gun although I am going to purchase a hunting rifle. I have also had a rifle accurized by Hill Country Rifles about 5 years ago and was very pleased with their work and service, but I have never seen one of their custom built rifles.

Both these rifles are in the price range ($3,000-3,500) I was planning on spending and both have below 1/2 minute guarantees. Can anyone give me any input on either rifle, especially Hill Country, as I will not be able to handle one of them before making a decision on which to purchase.

I also enjoy shooting with a thumbhole stock and have shot several small caliber rifles that sport this style stock. I have heard that a thumbhole stock may not be that pleasant to shoot in a larger caliber (pounding on the hand/thumb area). I intend on ordering my new rifle with a thumbhole H&S Precision stock in 300 Win Mag. Has anyone had experience shooting a larger caliber with a thumbhole stock?

I have never owned a custom rifle and I'm sure this will be the only one I ever get, so I want ot be sure it is exactly what I want before ordering. Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hill Country Rifles/H&S Precision Rifle, thumb hole stoc

The thing about thumbhole stocks, they need to fit you like any other. If you can't get your hands on one to see if you like it, go with a wood thumbhole so you can fit it to yourself. Myself I would go with a classic straight combed stock if you are looking at synthetic.


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