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High Fences

Let me start by saying that I have only been on one safari and it was in a high fenced location. Prior to this trip I really did not know the difference between fenced and not. I understand how high fencing affects hunting here in the US but that is usually on much smaller plots of land. How much does high fencing affect the hunt? Is there a difference between hunting plains game and cape buffalo or other big five in fenced or no fence outfitters? I am not trying to stir anything up just seeking educated advise!

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High Fences

my thoughts are, if you find an animal in the middle of a 50,000 acre ranch, it's no different than hunting somewhere with no fence be cause he's never going to see the fence anyway.

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High Fences

I'll start this by saying I'm a PH and have hunted extensively in both fenced and true wilderness areas and (IMO) it does indeed change both the hunting experience and the animal behaviour dramatically. I don't have any real problem with hunting large fenced areas for plains game, but personally, I choose not to hunt DG in fenced areas as it's simply not the same hunting experience for the client.

Animals in fenced areas are pretty much always habituated to some degree to sight and smell etc of both people and vehicles, whereas in true wilderness areas, they tend to respond differently to those 'triggers'

Going back to unfenced areas, once you've hunted an area such as the Zambezi Valley or even better, the Selous Game Reserve of Tanzania, you'll never be completely happy hunting a fenced area - even a very large one.

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