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Well after reading this through and through I noticed the words "fair chase" and "high fence" in the same sentance. Living in colorado where there are endless tracks of public land to hunt, I could not imagine it being a fair chase no mater how big the area is fenced in. Most elk are migratory animals and should be free to roam as they should be. Please don't act like this is a fair chase because it is by far not.

I'm honestly tired of seeing all the tv shows saying that the animals are considered fair chase and are killed on high fence ranches or even food plots and feeders on private land hunts.

It's one thing to plant food plots and put feeders on your daddy's farm and hunt them, weather it be a "high fence" or not. It's also another to hike to 11000 feet in the middle of september in public lands to get a glipse at a free roaming animal. I'm not disagreing or sayin hunting food plots is wrong or hunting high fence areas are wrong, but please do not confuse these hunts with a "fair chase" hunts.

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Fare chase???

What fare about shooting a elk or deer at 250 to 500 yards with a rifle. He doesn't know you are there. If he did at that distance he would not be trying to get away from you. In high fences that I have seen you are in a blind or stand and if you make a noise they are gone or know you are there. and that's the last you will see of them for the day.

Just saying! I have been up those mountains also got to love it up there!

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

Sitting in a blind over bait or a well used trail in a high fence you are just about guaranteed an animal will walk buy feeding since they have no where else to go. This will happen weather it is your first time or you have been there a hundred times.

Now take a National Forest covering a couple hundred thousand acres and it is your first or even you hundredth time there. The animals may of changed their behavior because of weather or other hunters. You may see them or you may not, it's a chance that you take. Even hunting in areas that there isn't that much pressure or weather problems you have to find the animal and possibly even try to get closer to him for a shot. So let's see, in a high fence the property owner tells you where to sit and how much the animal that you are about to shoot cost. National Forest you sit where you want and determine if shooting the animal that you are looking at is worth the time and physical effort to get it out is worth it.

So if you are going to hunt a high fence area and pay somebody a couple thousand bucks why not just go down to the meat marked and order up some deer and elk steaks for a lot less. Then find yourself a mounted head that somebody else shot and brag at how hard he was to find and pack out. This way would be a lot cheaper.

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OK thats better

I get your point.

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?


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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

Having guided hunters to both free-range elk in colorado as well as "guided" folks to high fence elk, this topic piqued my interest. This as most things is more a matter of personal taste than anything. I certainly don't discount the fact that shooting a high-fence bull is alot of fun but it is just that....."shooting" a high-fence piece of livestock no matter how "wary" they might be. After being exposed to the clients at both the wild elk hunts and high-fence operations(almost all of which were fine people and a pleasure to assist), I realized that while a few "SHOOTERS" showed up at the free range lodge, very few if any "HUNTERS" showed up at the high-fence outfit. The HUNTERS I have had the pleasure of being afield with always seemed to invariably measure the success of their hunt by the quality of the experience irrespective of whether or not they harvested an animal. The SHOOTERS always seemed to value the aspect of the hunt to a drastically lesser degree if they didn't harvest an animal that met or surpassed their expectations. I am not even saying that I would never go shoot a high-fence animal but I can tell you unequivocally that no captive elk would be a better trophy than the smallest dink raghorn I have taken in the wild. If there is a guaranteed kill then it is not hunting game it is simply harvesting livestock(even if it is rather impressive livestock). I do think there can be a place for both but I for one will never equate the two. While I may quietly scoff at their "trophy", trophies have always been in the eye of the beholder and I don't find it personally constructive to alienate fellow sportsmen & women because despite our differences we all share a common enemy..........hand-wringing, tree-hugging granolas. It is within good reason that these animals do not qualify for B&C.

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

Listen fellas...... This is the the way it is here, now listen. If someone is in a wheelchair, or the kids dying of cancer, or some rich, sissy-ass banker wants to kill a big bull then let em go there. Aside from the banker, the others will be rewarded with an "Atta Boy" and a slap on the back and I think we would all be ok with that. Now, the banker, on the other hand (like the douchebag in the picture someone posted above), should be scorned and laughed at till the end of thier days for doing such a shamefull thing. A real elk hunter would'nt be caught dead hunting one of those fat-camps. It's like saying you 're taking a safari hunt in texas. The Good Lord put animals on this earth like puzzle pieces. God bless ya Mr. Nugent, I love ya, but same goes for you. I guess If I had the money I might force feed a a few hundred bulls and charge idiots a couple undred G's to come and shoot one of my pets too. Hell.... Who knows. Oh, and for the guy thhat went on the hog hunt, whatever.... It's just a hog, right? A hog's a hog's ahog. It's just a hog..... Don't worry, you're not "THAT GUY" in my book.

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