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Here's the reality of High Fence Hunts- - - - - -

- - they are driven by the almighty dollar; otherwise, why put up a fence? I have been an outdoorsman since my first rabbit hunt with my Dad in the late 40's and it grew into several trips to the Bitterroots, Cascades, BC, AK, the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dismal Swamps, etc. and there common denominator is this, I have never been on a bad hunting/fishing trip in my life; except when my or a friends life was threatened. The enrichment of my soul can be directly attributed to the outdoors.
I challenge anyone to find harmony within themselves when hunting behind a fence that keeps game from instinctively freeing themselves from coverage. It is not the same. cool

I'm reality,

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

For a Christmas present I took my dad to a hog hunting preserve in PA. It was a high fence preserve, but my dad had a great time. He had the hog mounted that he killed and hung it proudly on his living room wall. It was the hog he took when he and his son went hunting together.

Not much of a challenge for me, not really my type of hunt, but it was what my dad could physically handle.

So, I ask you, do you think my dad found "harmony" on that hunt? Do you think he enjoyed it as much as any hunt you've been on?

Joe Biden, in the VP debate said he learned not to question people's motives because you don't always know their story (or something like that). Well, that is good advice when it comes to hunting.

I personally want a challenging fair chase hunt, but not everyone is me.

Whether it is high fence hunting, cross bows, and so on, as long as its legal, as long as the person is striving to make a clean ethical kill, we shouldn't judge them.

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The fence
tangozulu wrote:
Seems to me if it was the same as fair chase they wouldn't need a fence. I don't care how big the cage is, its still a cage.
just my 2 cents worth

I work for a Domestic Elk Ranch and i wanted to point out that the reason for the fence is to keep the Domestic and Wild elk from breading. the reason for that is to prevent the potential spread of CWD (basically mad cow in elk) so i would be more then happy not to have them hunted in a fenced area if you change the law so it isnt required to have such a freakishly expensive fence that would be fine with me

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

I have no problem with how somebody spends his money, or how a rancher earns his.

I personally don't even hire guides if possible.. I'll work at it, probably come home empty handed a time or two, but I will enjoy it more. I have hired guides in places where I had no choice. When I've gone fishing in Alaska, I have had to hire a boat and the boat usually comes with a guide. Since it's impossible to check a boat in at the luggage counter for Delta Airlines, I had no choice.

A successful outing for me is not scored by harvesting the quary. But the experience of doing it myself. I've been lucky to have opportunites to do this all my life. I have many photos and memories to look back on. For someone where this is a once in a life time opportunity, I don't begrudge them spending their money and doing it the way they prefer. Whether they are fishing for King Salmon in Alaska or Hunting Elk in a high fence in Missouri.

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

I could charge you to go out and shoot my plott hound in his dog pen but I won't!!! Fenced hunts are a joke and even worse is when I hear about "Johnnys 490 bull he killed, and it was a WILD bull"' WOW!!!

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

OK, so this topic comes up from time to time and the comments are usually predictable. I encourage anyone interested in getting into hunting to do so. I will not discourage any hunting. Having stated that, I find most of the joy in hunting comes from the challenge of the hunt, not the kill. I prefer walking to road hunting. I prefer going it alone without a guide. I prefer hunting with a bow if I can get drawn. I will never judge another for how he (she) chooses to hunt unless it involves illegal or destructive methods. There is no question that fair chase makes hunting more challenging. Some hunters think a hunt is not successful without filling the tag. I contend that the anticipation, preparation, participation and knowing that I lived an experience others cannot imagine define success. I just experienced just such a hunt. My 12 yr. old son drew a bull elk tag in Arizona Unit 8. He had his chances for sure. He missed a shot at a B&C book bull. Even though he did not fill the tag, we both learned and shared 6 days together that we will never forget. We are lucky enough to be able to afford a High Fence Hunt but would never have the experience we did if we chose that path. He will get his bull, and when he does he will appreciate what is required to do it fair chase.

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

I have absolutely no problem with someone harvesting livestock in any way they desire. And although many would like to call it hunting, legally and morally it is just harvesting livestock. Now if a guy gets his jollies smoking an elk off of a dog dish, fine with me. I remember the thrill I felt the first time I butcherd a chicken from our farm, way cool. I guess it could be the same.
I've seen where they actually grow these elk and its sad. There's a ranch, if you want to call it that, real close to here. maybe 80 acres with hundreds of elk. All the bulls in one little pen and when they are huge they dissapear to some fenced operation to be "hunted" by someone who can't stand the thought of going home empty handed. I'm not opposed to it, please don't try to outlaw this legal capitalist operation. Just don't call it hunting!

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High Fences

I personally feel that all hunters no matter what kind of hunt you are on, as long as it is legal go for it.We all need to stick together, but I feel I would rather go on a high fence hunt with a one on one guide, than have 40 guys in Utah finding a bull for me and me just going over and pulling the trigger. Just a thought. Good luck and good hunting!

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High Fence Elk Hunt - How do you feel?

I have watched high fenced elk hunts in Saskatchewan. I was mortified and embarrassed to the core by what I saw. If I ruffle some feathers here oh well. I know there are some high-fenced hunts that are on huge properties, but most are not. The bulls are taken from the breeding pastures or bought from other elk ranchers and released in the killing pen. Killing elk in a high-fenced area as it currently exists with about 98% of the operations out there is just about guaranteed KILLING, not hunting.

Unfortunately we seem to have a new breed of hunter out there.......the ones who do not really seem to know what real 'hunting' is all about or use to be about. If you start out 'hunting' by frequenting high-fenced operations then it becomes the norm and acceptable. How sad.

I agree with h_talbot..............if you get your jollies by killing a pen raised elk, fly right at it, but lets not call it something it is not.....it is not HUNTING. It is killing livestock. People can use all sorts of things to justify what they are doing in their own heads, but it is what it is.

The proliferation of high-fenced operations is overall a detriment to the perception held by the non-hunting general public.....the people who grossly out number us and will eventually decide our fates as hunters.

When the day comes that this is the only type of 'hunting' I can do I will quit hunting. Thankfully where I live, I will be dead before I ever see that happen.

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High Fence Hunts

Guys I have been reading your posts. I appreciate your opinions. However, while this style of "hunting" does not appeal to you - there are many, many individuals who choose to do this. In fact SCI actually keeps trophy records much like B&C does.

What we see on TV most likely has been modified to fit, the reality of high fenced hunting is more like what Ted Nugent does, has anyone ever deer hunted at the Santuary in Michigan?

What we should not overlook, especially in this uncertain political times, any form of harvesting an animal could be considered hunting and even if we do not subscribe to it - we should be willing to support those who do and the business entity as viable.

Maybe it's a money issue or a time issue or possible a physical issue, but I believe these folks need our support. Think

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