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Congrats on the nice buck,

Congrats on the nice buck, Looks like you got all the advice need for the hunt. Good job, and welcome to BGH!!

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Hey thanks for the congrats, I appreciate it. I ended up going to an area I heard more consistently produced bucks. I walked up a side ridge (s facing slope) leading to a large east to west ridge and spotted a buck in a small patch of timber. The deer seemed to be heading to the top so I followed and eventually crested out on top of the main ridge. I slowly crept west hoping to run into the deer. Sure enough I began to hear some movement, and crept to within 10 yards of a deer. however, it was partially blocked by a tree and I couldnt get a shot, or see the front half of its body for that matter. It eventually moved off to my left, and I snuck around the other side of the tree I was posted up behind. Much to my dismay, I saw a doe grazing about 30 yds off. All that work and I had been chasing a doe the whole time...or so I thought. Just then antlers poked out from behind another tree not more than 40 yds away. I took aim on the deers head and waited for it to move forward. As it's front third came into full view, I moved the crosshairs to what felt like mid shoulder/front lungs and pulled the trigger. The deer collapsed about 10 yds from where I shot it but I could still see some movement. As I crept up to it about four more does scattered, and a large (at least 4x4 maybe bigger) went bounding off the other direction. When I got to the deer it was taking its last breaths. I thanked the deer, and the hunting gods for giving me meat, and after a few pictures and lots of excitement, I began the hard work of chopping and packing out.

OVER50 if you are headed up this way for elk I think you are in luck. We are going to be getting our first snow this thu/friday and I can only assume that elk will finally be moving down. I myself will be hunting in the hoback area all this weekend. Best of luck!

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Well done !!

Congrats on a great first muley ! Thanks for sharing the story and pic. Thumbs up


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