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Although I do intend to buy a

Although I do intend to buy a pair of Swarovski at some point it will probably be a couple of more years. A friend has a pair that I have used and there is a difference for extended use. I have currently been happy with 2 diffferent pairs of Leupolds, one 8x and a pair of 10's that have worked very well. I also use a Nikon spotter on a lot of hunts to pull things in better.

I have spent the big money on a scope and have just ordered a Zeiss rangefinder for more accurate and longer use than the Bushnell I have currently. Just slowly working my way up one piece at a time.

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i have a pair of leupold

i have a pair of leupold mojave binos in 10x42 and they're awesome. however, i still wish i had the money for a pair of swaravski! they're definately the bino of choice if you spend lots of time behind them.

congrats, i hope someday a pair comes my way.

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More than 20 years ago I

More than 20 years ago I bought a set of 8X40 Swaro's after seeing how much clearer they were that the binoculars I had been using. I only paid $550 at L.L.Bean. I really notice the performance during low light conditions. Probably the best purchase I have ever made in optics!

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I worked for someone else

I worked for someone else until about 12 years ago, never had a savings account,always cheap binos tasco, bushnell. I can finally afford some better hunting equiptment,although I work 2x as hard and 2x as long. I bought the swaro 10x50s they are great,low light conditions they cant be beat. I have a nikon scope on my tc pro hunter , same problem cant see at dusk or dawn,I'm gonna shell out the money for a swaro scope,gonna do the ballistic turret .I think it will make the gun.

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once you have used high end

once you have used high end optics, it is hard to go back. And i don't mean taking a look here and there but actually using them.  It is amazing how sharp and crisp things can look.   I am lucky that i have 3 pair of binocs on the table.  my classic zeiss 10x40s, a pair of cabelas euro 10x42 and my swarovski 15x56's on a full scale tripod.  all of this is on the kitchen table.  I have a great wife and lots of wildlife to look at.   the cabelas give a better look than the zeiss, but the zeiss just fit my hands. the cabelas are my wifes and the zeiss mine.  but both of us fight over the swarvorskis.  they are just amazing. 

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high end binos

Where you'll really notice the difference in higher end optics is how they perform in lower light conditions - dawn, dusk, or heavy overcast.  You definitley get a more realistsic view under these conditions.  On the other hand lower priced optics are just not as clear and loose a lot of their brightness, it's not as apparent in daylight conditions, but once the outside light fades or dims a little and you reaaly notice how dark these lower end glasses are.