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hi all...

I'm new to this forums and is quite novice to archery. I have been advised to read some magazine stuff i.e bowhunting magazines.. can anyone tell me here how is it helpful..

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hi all...

Reading the articles will help you to learn the different ways to set up your bow, how to practice, different arrow combinations, shooting technique, and how to shoot your bow. This way you can learn from the articles instead of making the mistakes yourself. I know from personal experience that once you shoot traditional you'll be either hooked on it forever, or hate it. I would suggest starting with a compound bow with sights to start with. It is so much easier to shoot than a traditional bows without sights. Never let anyone tell you how to set up your bow. My wife's uncle still argues with me that I can't kill deer with my set ups even though I have proven him wrong many times. Trial and error is the best way to find the best set up for you. Articles give you ideas for setting up you bow.

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its a start

Liek any hunting, reading about it helps to prepare your mind and lets you know what teh options are.

Keep in mind that the magazines are generally trying to sell you something so take all their recommendations with a grain of salt.  But yes, they ARE worth reading when you can't be out there practicing!

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