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Another Option


Another option to getting a bear out of the woods whole is to buy a Deer Sleigher. They come in two sizes - the smaller one works good for a whitetail, but the larger one should work good for a bear - assuming it's not a big griz or brown bear.

The Sleigher is just a piece of heavy plastic that rolls up and can be carried in a back pack or pack frame (vertically). It has grommets on the sides and parachute cord included so that after you lay your bear on it, you lace it from side to side to hold the critter in.

There's also a bigger hole in the front to put the pulling rope through and around the neck of the bear.

It pulls just like a toboggan. Really slides nicely on pine needles or dry leaves, and REALLY good on snow. I have pulled whole whitetail out several times, and it's a real work saver.

It sounds to me like the best idea, given your inexperience with skinning, etc. would be to locate a taxidermist in the area you'll be hunting, then take it to him whole. That way you wouldn't have to mess with freezing, shipping, etc and then back again.

It would be one-way shipping to you after the rug is done.

I'm guessing that if you made arrangements, he'd probably either help you or show you how to get at least some of the meat to take home.

Good Luck


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If you can get the bear to a

If you can get the bear to a taxidermist whole he would possibly do the skinning job for you for a couple more bucks. 

But if you can't just skin the hide as much as you feel comfortable.  Skin it up to the head then cut the head off with the hide attached, the same for the legs.  Just skin them down to a joint or cut the bone before you get to the paws.  This way all the taxidermist has to skin out is the head and lower legs.  As I said in the other post if you talk to one I am sure that he will show you just what to do before you take it in to him. 

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Another thing you can do to

Another thing you can do to get your bear out or a deer. Is tie their legs together and run a pole between and get a buddy to help hual it out that way. Each put the pole on a shoulder and walk out.  This works good on a bear up to 200 pounds.

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The pole method works good

The pole method works good but like maineguide stated anything past 200lbs is tough. I got a unit we haul big bears out of the bush with...think its called "big game cot"?!?!?

works great just a rectangular piece of heavy material with webbing sewed on back in cross pattern for stregth &  leads out to make handles around edges. you roll bear on there & put guy on each corner & we walk out to the boat.

if you got extra guys its hard to beat if yo want to take whole animal out.

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