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Hey guys!! Welcome me..I am new here

hello everyone!!!

I am huntlover. Hunting is my passion, my style and in fact a kind of addiction for me. I was searching for some good forums related to hunting and found this one. This forums seems to be on top with so many people. I  would love to share my ideas, views and experinces related to hunting on this forum. Thumbs up

hope to have a nice chit chat with  you guys in future....


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Welcome.  This is a great

Welcome.  This is a great place to hang your hat from time to time.  I have learned some great info on here and have meet some really great people.  One thing about this forum and others I belong to is that there is not alot of aruging or bashing on a topic.  You ask a question here you will get a useful respose and not alot of smart ass comments.  Enjoy yourself and have a great time.

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Welcome aboard.  If your a hunter, this is the place to be.Thumbs up

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Welcome aboard, You are right

Welcome aboard, You are right in saying this seems to be a good site.LOL Actually its the best one out there, like others had said you will get helpful honest reponses to your questions and there isnt very much bickering, it seems everyone has there niche and is willing to help out others. If you get some time it would be nice if you could through some pictures up in the galleries and maybe share a hunting story or two in the story section. What part of the world do you call home? and what kind of game animals do you like to hunt?

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Welcome to BGH. I look

Welcome to BGH.

I look forward to hearing about you hunts and experience.

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