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Hey Guys

  Hey Guys, I havent been on the forum for quite a while. I ended up loosing my dad almost 2 months ago. I am so thankful for having him as my dad and him teaching me all the necessitys needed in life. I am also thankful for his passion for the outdoors and him teaching me all the skills needed to hunt, If it werent for him I would not have the love for the outdoors that I have today, He taught me how to have good Hunting ethics, how to properly field dress and take care of game, how to survive out in the mountains. I have been lucky enough to have been hunting with my dad over the years and watching him take some nice animals. He has even watched me take some animals, including my first deer. I am happy to have all these memories and they will last a lifetime, This year I am going to make him proud, If all works out with the deer and elk draws you can be sure that either a deer or elk will hit the ground. Thumbs up I have finally been able to pattern the elk, after three years of hard hunting and having no succses I am sure this is going to be the year :yes:  I hope everyone can draw the tag they want, good luck to all.

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Sorry to here about your loss !


My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. I hope you draw your tags this year and your father will be right there hunting with you still this year. If you or your family need anything at all just let me know.


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Welcome back

Welcome back.  Sorry to hear of your loss but I applaud you for remembering what a blessing it was to have known your dad.  I feel the same way about my Granddad.  He would have been 100 this year and is the hunting mentor in my family.  Nothing can or will replace these men, but we can treasure the memories and pass along teh lessons that they taught us to the next generation. 

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Welcome back, and we are very

Welcome back, and we are very sorry to hear about your father.

Taking your first few hunts this fall will probably be tough, but it will be a great way to be "with" him, in mind and spirit!

Good luck on the draws, and keep us updated!

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We are all sorry for your

We are all sorry for your loss and I can't even begin to think how that feels. My prayers go out to you. I have the same felling for my grandfather and also a close friend that has been gone for some time now but I can tell you that as the years go by I think of them on nearly every hunt and it brings a smile while I'm out there remembering the times shared and skills learned together. I hope you have your greatest success this year but I know whether you are successful or not you father would be proud anyway for the hunter he brought up to carry on his life through you.

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Thanks guys

thanks guys, I really appreciate the thoughts and support!

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They'll Always Be Close

It might just be the wind or just sunlight reflecting or just an eagle soaring overhead.  Then again the rippling of the leaves in a quakie stand in an otherwise calm afternoon or the dawn light glistening off of a spider web on a dewy fall morning or the scream of an eagle drifting on high thermals could be their way of letting you know that they're still with you and sharing special moments.

I know which I believe in and I know your Dad will be there to share in your elk & deer hunts. 

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