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"Heroes Hunting" video series project

"Heroes Hunting" video series project

We are going to be doing a video project this fall with US Military Soldiers and Veterans that hunt. We are looking for Soldiers/Veterans of all ages, branches, MOS's, and theaters/operations. It's TRULY going to be a hunting video series like NOTHING ELSE. Think Duck/Buck Commander DVD's meets US MILITARY VETS/SOLDIERS.

Post up on here, so that we can contact you for this and also follow us by clicking LIKE at:

We've started the webpage at: www.HeroesHunting.com and have already started to generate large amounts of interest and sponsors. The idea looks to be pretty solid and a lot of fun to make.

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Not a hero, but

I'm active duty, an MP SSG stationed in Ft Leonard Wood and I'd be interested. I've done 39 months in Iraq over three tours, haven't gotten to Afghanistan and with 18 years in, it doesn't look good. I think I'm stuck in TRADOC. Heck, if nothing else, it'd be cool to find another place to hunt. Last year was my first year hunting and I'm hooked.

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