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Heres an old, sick joke

November came around and Tony and Jeff headed off to deer camp.
Ah. Deer camp, time for drinking, poker, telling lies, just being guys.

The day before the opener our two heroes’ tie one on, they polish off a fifth of schnapps, two cases of beer.

Opening day rolls around, Tony, who has always been able to handle liquor, jumps out of bed and starts shaking Jeff. Jeff gets up with a massive hang over, cant stand strait, closing one eye to try to keep balance.

At first light, Tony sees a nice buck sneaking thru the trees, he levels his crosshairs and kills the deer.
He finds his buck lying next to a fallen log, guts it and drags it back to camp.

A few hours latter, Tony, back at camp, has made breakfast, and is admiring his buck when Jeff stumbles back to camp, big eyes and white as a ghost. Tony says, man Jeff you look bad, Jeff says I have to quit drinking, I was walking along and all the booze started getting to me, I felt the squirts coming on, so I ripped off my hunting suit, and squatted over a log. When I looked down, I had crapped all my guts out, but with Gods grace and a stick, I got them all back in.

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Heres an old, sick joke

You can never get them all back in lol lol lol

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Heres an old, sick joke

LOL Thumbs up

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