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A weird one for the coyote hunting files. I went out yesterday for a quick afternoon hunt on a buddies property for rabbits and maybe trying to call a yote in. With the 25 deg temps and snow thought it'd be good. I woulda been hunting deer but this isn't in a unit my tag is good for. My area for that is an 80 mile one way trip. My buds place is just about a 15 minute ride south of town which is good when the itch to get out of the house hits.

Anyways, about 4:30 after not kicking up any bunnies to fry up I decide to make a call stand and try and get a yote right before dark. Drive to the general area I want to try and park and then gear up and walk/sneak about four hundred yards to where I want to try. Right as I find the ideal set up and decide where I'm going to park myself I catch what looks like a face staring at me. I focus my vision and yup sure enough 50 yards out there's a coyote staring right at me. I think, "oh, great" I've got my 22-250 hanging on one shoulder my 12 ga hanging on the other and my Alpha Dogg call in one hand and shooting sticks in the other. Not the best scenario for taking a quick shot. I figure I'll I can do is make a move and go for it but past experience has shown me the animal usually wins in these situations as the minute you move they starting firing up the afterburners. Well, anyway I drop to one knee and set down the call and sticks and he takes a step but surprisingly stops and continues to stare. I unsling the 12 ga shoulder it he begins slowly moving but not fast enough the red dot hits him and he's down for the count.

Turns out he was real mangy and must have been freezing to death or just real sick from the mange but shooting this one was doing him a real favor. Put him out of his misery for sure.

On a side note I laser ranged and walked off the distance and it was an honest to goodness 52 yards. The DC 3 inch T shot shells paired with a DC choke are proving to be lethal out to fifty which is I all I can ask for in performance from a shotgun on predators.

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Nice!  And yes I think you

Nice!  And yes I think you did this yote a favor!  Nice gun for the job too!

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Good Job!


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Boy that is one sick coyote!

Boy that is one sick coyote! You did do him a favor!

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