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Here is my opion, what yours?
kevin davis wrote:
I will admit that a bongo hunt is a lot cheaper than going to Africa, if done in Texas ( by about 10-20,000). I would still rather go to
Africa for most other things.

Of course you are right! I don't see many Cape Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, lion, or Leopard, wart hogs, Bush pigs, or giant forest hogs, in Texas either, so there are exceptions. I too would rather go to Africa, and I wouldn't shoot Bongo anyplace other than Africa, even if they were $600 a head! I have no desire to shoot a Bongo anyway, but the Bongo is not the prize, but where you have to go, and what you must indure to get a shot at him that is the value in a Bongo hunt!

Don't get me wrong, I've shot pleanty of exotic game in Texas, so that is not the thing that bothers me, when these animals are no longer available in their native lands, you have no choice. Sittunga, and Bongo are two that should be hunted in their own habitat, IMO. Others may do as it suits them, it just isn't for me with those two animals, regardless of price. Think

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Here is my opion, what yours?

I have no problem with ranch hunting but it does seem to me that you end up short changed. The whole hunt is not the animal we shoot. It's the trip! There is no place so intreguing to me as Africa. The hunting is a side light. If I make it there, and I hope to, I may only hunt with my camera. I have seen so many mounted animals from Africa, that killing them just may be unnecessary but the trip, the only way to experience Africa is to go there.

If I can get close enough with my camera for good shots then there's no doubt in my mind I could have killed them. Of course if I win the lottery, my out look will change! Thumbs up I'll not only have some of those beautiful animals and be able to afford mounts, I'll have a special room to keep them in.

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Here is my opion, what yours?

Could you find it in ya' to pay my way over, if you win?

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Here is my opion, what yours?
DUGABOY1 wrote:
hunter777 wrote:
You can't too bad off. Hunting buffalo in Africa and all.
I think the elephant is the most impresive animal a trophy room could ever have and I like them the most but I don't think I could ever kill one. Unless of course it was about to rototil me or one of my friends. I didn't mean anything bad by my comment. I couldn't afford to hunt an elephant either but I would love to do an African safari and just see and take pictures of everything. While I'm there I will take a warthog Yes

Hunter777, we don't always have the income we once had at my age! This is the case with me! You see I retired after 31 years with American Airlines. That association with a world class airline, and the army, gave me a chance to hunt in places where I wouldn't have otherwise been able to on my pay. I've been retired almost 11 years, and believe me, the income ain't what it used to be. sad

As far as shooting Elephant, there is no difference between the elephant and the warthog, they both die when shot, and both are pleantiful to the point of being a detrement to their own habitat, and the well being of all other wildlife that depends on that habitat to exist, including the people who must depend on crops to stay alive. Right now there PAC hunts for elephant so as to thin their numbers, because they are over populated in most of their range.

It is strange to me the people who buy into the news media's crap on populations of animals in places where they have never been, and are simply led by the nose the slop trough of "EVERYTHING IS GOING EXTINCT". The African leopard is so thick in all of southern Africa, they are like coyotes in this country, yet the media, and animal rights folks have painted a picture of doom, around the leopard, that is pure smoke and mirrors! In the Luangwa Valley of Zambia, I saw three leopard in broad daylight in seven days hunting. Leopard are nocturnal, and for every one you see in the day, there are 50 you don't.

This misinformation is especially bad, when repeted on hunting forums, where young hunters will spread the media's "SKY IS FALLING"lies as gospel.
The fact is, the Safari hunter is the salvation of all African game, including Elephant. If the wild life there is not given a dollar value, then he will be removed, in favor of scrony cattle, and the plow! Once the land is turned by the plow, it will never again be populated by wildlife. The CAMP FIRE progarm in Zimbabwe, is an example of a working game management. The very high cost in trophy fees, and low quotas, placed on things like Elephant, guarintees the people who live in the same habitat as the elephant of a portion of the income generated by the hunting, along with day employeement, and are given all the meat. I personally put 4000 lbs of smoked Biltong (African jerky) into a starving Zambian village of 1500 hungry folks, in four days of hunting, back in 1992. You think a vulture can strip a skeleton, you should see hungry Africans. This fact is what stops poaching, because the African, hunts only for food or pay. If he doesn't have to take up the very dangerous activity like Ele hunting, and reaps the bennefit anyway, he is prone to protect the ele in his area from outside poachers. This is the truth, not the crap people are being told on the TV sets they worship. I simply do not understand the idea that one animal is less deserving if game status, while another which is more prolific is somehow not! No animal on the face of the Earth is more distructive than the Elephant, other than man himself. left alone the ele will turn a lush forest into a deasert. The country of BOTSWANA has a population of over 200,000 elephant, that are slowly destroying the habitat, yet the game people will not issue more than 2000 permits per yr, for ele, because of the world's misguided attitude on elephant hunting. A full 20 % of that population needs cropping, for the good of the elephant's future existance. The income generated by these permits would go a long way to the cessation of poaching of all animals in Botswana, because the safari companies, and money generated would allow more game rangers would be in the field. Brick Wall,)

...............................END OF RANT![/b]

Great post
When I first went to Africa in the 60's with my Dad everything was cheaper
than it is now. Thanks to him I got my first Jumbo and Buff.
I have sense made the trip 7 times and yet the first trip is the one I remember
But I will keep going back to the land I love. Thumbs up

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Here is my opion, what yours?

My personal favorites are:

1. Blue Wildebeest - poor man's buffelo
2. Kudu - hard to find, but worth the work
3. Impala - most widely distributed
4. Gembok (oryx) - challenges you to be on your toes
5. Zebra - Nice decor for the trophy room (my room)
6. Springbok - wide-eyed and cunning
7. Eland - just something interesting
8. Bushbuck - sneaky
9. Steenbuck - good eating
10. Baboon - good conversation piece (see attached picture)

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Here is my opion, what yours?

Who do you go with in Namibia? I would like to go there for a predator hunt. I REALLY want a leopard, but can't foot the bill for a few years. I've never been there and would love to hunt pretty much any game animal. BG

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Here is my opion, what yours?

I am going next year for leopard with the die Keiler group. You can find a lot of leopard hunts by going to http://www.namib.net, which lists about 70 hunting farms. Wendell reich of Huntersquest also sets up hunts in Namibia

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Here is my opion, what yours?

Just to confirm ; I am headed to RSA with Africabushveld safaries and the total cost runs $2000 for ten days;plus $2000 airfare and Approx $4000 trophy fees for 6-7 animals (plains game including one Kudu or Gemsbok;Impala;Fallow deer;Blesbuck;Zebra and Baboons)

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Here is my opion, what yours?

i hope you have a great trip and enjoy a successful hunt. let us know how your hunt went and do not forget the pictures. Thumbs up

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Here is my opion, what yours?

i've hunted in Zimbabwe, Botswana, RSA, Namibia, and Tanzania a total of 8 times so far. Africa as a whole is a beautiful country but it surely isn't what it once was the allure of it all is badly tarnished today as the traveling hunter feels more like an ATM than a conservationist helping to support the local economies and fauna. EVERYONE has their hand out waiting on the hunter's $$ from the time you get aboard the airline here in the states until your much anticipated trophies cross the doorway of your den!
As far as elephant hunting today it is MUCH cheaper than in years past...anyone whom can afford a trip to Montana to hunt elk with all the expenses of flights/ tags/private land outfitting etc. could afford a cow elephant hunt in Zimbabwe. Glamor species such as sable and roan have become little more than game farm species in most of Africa though some free range hunting is possible at a accompanying high fee.
Hunting in Africa never was cheap it never will beaTake a walk thru one of the larger trade shows this winter and look at what is offered both here in the states and in Africa...decide if a large fenced property with game raised and or bought to be stocked there for the hunter is your cup of tea...it really is no different hunting on a game far no matter what part of the world you are in...though in Africa they are larger.
Also while at that trade show you'll hear booking companies tell you " you can hunt in Namibia or RSA for PG for the same price as you can hunt in Colo.,Wyo.,etc for elk....this is true BUT only for the day rates then add in the trophy fees, the airline travel,insurances,tips, and figure another 25% of the total just to get your trophies back home and that $4500 7 day PG hunt is going to run upwards of $7500- $8500.

My top 10 (and I've taken all of them over the last 15 yrs) is based on just how hard I had to hunt to get them all on free range no fenced properties and I did it all on a workingman's salary...you just need to put your mind to it::

1. Leopard 6'9"
2. eland 29"
3. Buffalo 42"
4. kudu 58"
5. gemsbuck bull 40"
6. nyala
7. Hartman's zebra
8. Nyasta wildebeast
9. waterbuck 30"
10. mtn reedbuck 14"