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Her First Buck!

Just have to brag a bit.  Last weekend on her first day of deer hunting on her second season, my youngest daughter tagged her first deer!

Last year we spent 8 days trying to get her close enough to a deer standing just in the right position for her to take a shot.  To her credit, she passed up a couple of shots at nice bucks that a more experienced hunter would not have hesitated on but they just weren't right for her.  She grumbled about not shooting but I told her how proud of her I was for not taking a shot she wasn't sure of & that she would know when to time was right.

Just after dawn last Saturday we spotted a heavy antlered buck maybe a 2 miles off on a different ridge.  Getting the atv to within a half mile of where we last saw the buck, we spent a good hour sneaking through the mixed sage / bitterbrush trying to relocate him but without luck.  Travelling to a different side of the mountain, she passed up a 125 yard shot at a nice doe (her junior tag is good for either sex). A half hour later after thinking about the opportunity she had just passed up, she said she was going to shoot the next doe she saw - said she wanted meat in the freezer more than anlters on the wall. 

A little before noon while headed for a certain quakie patch for lunch, we came across a fat forkie that stood still for only a few seconds before running out of sight around the hill we were on.  Before I had a chance to ask what she wanted to do, she was off the bike, pulling her rifle out of the travel case & telling me to get my pack and get going!  A half a mile later while walking slowly on the steep mixed low and big sage brush hill we were on and glassing the opposite hill side, I spotted the buck hiding in the shadows at the edge of a small aspen patch.  The range was better than 200 yards with brush in the way and Shortstuff couldn't find the buck so we angled closer.  At 145 yards, we had an unobstructed view of his shoulder and rib cage.  His head was still partially hidden behind the sage brush in front of him - I'm guessing that the 2 yr old was thinking he was well hidden and couldn't be seen.  He was wrong.

Getting her set up on the shooting sticks in a comfortable sitting position I told her to let me know if she was good with the shot & if she was going to take it.  Several deep breaths and a couple of shifts in her setup later she said she was going to shoot.  There was no reaction with the buck at her first shot (she later said she was shaking pretty bad).  I could see a noticeable steadying as she settled down for a second shot. At the shot the buck jumped forward 30 or 40 feet and stopped next to the tree line.  Through the binoculars I coud see frothy blood comming from the mouth and nose of the buck and new we would soon be punching her first big game tag.  He staggered a few steps and fell over.  Looking over at Shortstuff I saw that she was literally vibrating with excitement and adrenalin!

A few minutes later as I stood over her and her first deer, I was beyond proud of her when she smoothed down the hair on the bucks neck and sofly thanked the buck and the mountain for giving her this gift.   


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Congratulations on her first

Congratulations on her first one!!! You've got to be really proud, especially with all the restraint she showed in not taking a shot until she was really sure of it herself. Reports like this bring back a flood of memories for me and I can't wait until ny grandson will be old enugh to get started in just ten more years.

Congratulations again but how come we don't get to see any pictures?

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Oh heck yes!!! Nice job!



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Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing the story with us.  My son is just getting started too on big game and after every successful trip he seems to glow with confidence.  I don't know who enjoys his hunts more, me or him?  Great job on getting it done with her.  And don't forget to remind her how great it tastes when you cook up some great steaks!

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What!  You actually came onto

What!  You actually came onto a hunting site to BRAG about a deer kill???? The nerve of some people!!!! lol

Man, that's got to be an awesome feeling Hal!  A big congrats to you as the Dad, and more importantly, to your daughter.  Spending quality time with the kids is a great thing.  I just can't wait till my boys are old enough, but they have a way to go.  I might be able to get the first one out in a year or 2 to walk along with me, but he has 7 years till he can hunt big game here in California!.

Congrats again!  Great story!

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Great story Hal, Thanks for

Great story Hal, Thanks for sharing it with us. Excellent job Hal & daughter.

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That is a great story and a

That is a great story and a big congratulation to you and your daughter. Sounds like you have taught her very well and glad she waited until she got a buck. I am sure she is hooked for life now that she has her first one down. Being a dad I fully understand about wanting to brag a little. Really makes you happy and proud to know your kids learn from you and want to follow in your footsteps. I also liked that she understands and gave thanks to the mountain and nature for the gift of that buck. My family does the same and think it is important and the right thing to do. Thanks for a great story. If you have any pictures those would be great to see. 

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cool stuff...

But we demand pictures and gun and load information here.  Otherwise congrats

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Very cool story!! A big

Very cool story!! A big congrats to your daughter and to you as well. That must made you feel like one proud Daddy. I can't wait for my daughters first deer which will hopefully be next year when she will be old enough to hunt. Well she will be doing a youth mentored hunt with me and I'll donate my doe tag to her when I draw it next year. I agree we need to see some pictures of your daughter and the deer I'm sure she is smiling ear to ear. Those are the stories and picture I love to see. A new hunter/huntress with there first animal. Again thanks for sharing the good news with us and congrats for the sucess.

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Technologically Challenged!

Just as soon as I figure out how I'll try to post a photo or two.  I realize it's not rocket science and instruction on how  abounds but I have yet to embrace my technological side (assuming it exists!).  I'm fond of saying that giving me a computer is like giving a flame thrower to a CroMagnon - most likely bad things are gonna happen.  I'll work on though...promise (now I sound like a grade schooler with a bad homework assignment).

She's hunting with a youth model Weatherby Vanguard .7-08 with a 4x Leupold on top.  The only thing that needs help on the rifle is the trigger.  Instructions say it's adjustable.  My frustration level say it ain't so.  I'm thinking on putting a Timney trigger on it before next season. 

Remington reduced loads did the job and seemed to do it well.  I don't think I'd have her take any shots over 200 yards with the reduced loads - at least at a big mule deer or bigger animal but then with her skill level at this time, she recognizes that she wouldn't shoot that far anyway.  With Dad being a confirmed open sight muzzle loader I'm thinking she just might be a closet smoke pole shooter.

Thaks for the kind words.  I'll give her your High Fives!!

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  Seeing this a little late


Seeing this a little late and after the fact... but Fantastic!  Congrats to you as a Dad and definitely congrats to your daughter!  A memory created and locked in for a lifetime! 

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