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Her first

Went out for a one day hunt to get a little jump on next weekend's group hunt.  Also wanted to get my girlfriend her first big game animal without the added pressure of other people being around.  Really wanted to video tape it, but she wasn't too keen on that... maybe next week.


Anyway, next week we've got a lot of tags to fill in just a short weekend, so banging out one for her and one for me would make it a little easier.


I think antelope make a great beginner hunt, as long as you resist the temptation for long shots.  


I took her to our Honey Hole where at least 4 members of my group have killed the first Wyoming antelope.  After passing up the first group we saw because I didn't think they were easily stalkable, the next group was in a perfect position for a stalk and short shot.  


We tucked the vehicle off the road alongside a hill, just out of sight of the antelope, then climbed the hill, where they were bedded, just 100 yards away.  When we crested and got Katie in position, we had a nervous doe stand up.  I tried to tell her to take her time, not wanting to rush the shot, but it was just a little too much time as she spooked and took the herd with her.  However, the merely circled around us while I kept Katie calm, now offering up a 75 yard shot.  Most of the herd was in a tight bunch, but the doe on the end present an easy head on shot that Katie took perfectly.


She was little surprised that the doe ran 30 yards, as I guess I forgot to tell her about the death run.  She had never been present for any of her dad's moose or caribou kills growing up, so she didn't know what to expect there.  Anyway, the 165 grain Grand Slam for her .308 took the doe perfectly in the neck/chest/bowtie junction, blowing the heart to pieces and exiting the belly between the rear legs.

After taking our time gutting and deboning, it was my turn to knock one out.  I quickly got an additional stalk that turned out poorly as the buck got a little amorous and began chasing the doe around, taking them both out of range in the horrendous winds.  I figured I'd just leave them be, as there should be more approachable antelope.  However, it was 3 hours before I found the next huntable group.


This next one was a first for me, as no antelope I've ever hunted has had the unfortunate luck of hanging out in a greasewood bottom where I could make an easy stalk.  As I got to within 100 yards of this herd, I decided to just set up some where that  would give me a nice prone shot off the bipod.  A small rise alongside the greasewood worked perfectly as a doe eventually popped her head up from below and I put a 7mm 150 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip through it.  That was her first blood too.



Katie's gun:

Tikka T3 .308

Weaver 3.5-10x50

165 grain Speer Grand Slam 

46 grains Varget

Hornady Match Brass

Fed GM210M


My gun:

Winchester M70 faux Sporter Deluxe 7mm Rem Mag

Eddie Fosnaugh Cerakoted extractor

Vortex Viper 3-9x40

150 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip (2nds with the grey tip)

73 grains H1000

Win cases

Fed GM215M



Her doe's heart:


My doe and the rifle.  Not much of a way to pretty this one up.

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Nice man! I am taking my gal

Nice man! I am taking my gal out after WY does this weekend. She doesn't have a tag but will be her first experience of what hunting is all about.

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good job



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Good job! Tell her congrats

Good job! Tell her congrats on her first speedgoat. Thumbs up Looks like you didn't lose any meat on yours....LOL!

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Congratulations to Katie on a

Congratulations to Katie on a successful hunt and to you for getting her into the game. It is a great deal when your wife/girlfriend likes to get out with you and hunt. Now that the pressure of the first hunt and kill is over she can relax and really enjoy chasing elk and deer. Hope your luck holds out in the short time you have to hunt. I agree with you that antelope make a great first hunt and so do doe deer tags. Great job.

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Very nice!  Congrats to you

Very nice!  Congrats to you both!  As has been said, it's nice o have a girlfriend or wife that supports you, and will even get out there and do it herself.  I am, unfortunately, in the exact opposite direction.  I got home after hunting yesterday, where I ALMOST got my first deer ever with a bow, and my wife was saying she was happy that he got away. 

She didn't say it maliciously, just that she feels sad for them.  Geez.  At least she lets me go out and "do my thing".... lol

Great looking pair of goats!  Looks like the guns did what they were supposed to do!  Lots of damage there. 

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Congrats to you and Katie on

Congrats to you and Katie on her first speedgoat. I got my wife out for her first hunting trip last year. I statred her out on bow hunting and she loves it. We didn't get anything but we still had a great time. Looks like Katie made a great shot and took a great goat. And atleast you didn't loose any meat on yours. Looks like you two had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

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Congratulations and great job

Congratulations and great job on a successful first hunt. Looks like you got that new stock and rifle broken in well also. The pictures are great and show just how effective and devastating different bullets can be. I shot one in the head last year also but never posted the picture as I thought maybe some one would get upset, I'm glad to see nobody here takes it that way as that's the reality of it.

My wife fully supports my hunting and loves to cook with the meat but has no desire to do it herself. Actually I prefer it that way now as my Ex ruined many hunting trips and I would be afraid for the same to happen again. I'm sure that would not be the case but I just like the balance I have this way. Hunting with my dad and kids is enough for me.

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Kudos to inducting a new member to the club! Congrats and nice shooting, the pictures speak more than 1000 words to that.

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WOW Mark !

Congrats to you both and way to go on getting your girlfriend on her first biggame animal ! Thumbs up Thanks for sharing the great pics and story !


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Yeah, thanks for sharing

Great story and pics!  Congrats on some Wyoming antelope.  They are fun to hunt and I absolutely agree, they make one of the best (if not the best) beginner big game hunts.  

Have a great hunt next this weekend too.  Fill the tags and eat well!


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