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Henry Paulson's Op Ed in NYT


Bear in mind this is your Republican Sec of Tres that's doing all this socialismizing. (pardon the bushism)

No atheists in foxholes. No freemarketers in depressions.

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Henry Paulson's Op Ed in NYT

Unlike you who seems to follow his party blindly, I and others don't. I have disagreed with Bush and now Paulson.

Paulson and Congress is wrong with the bailout especially the bailout of automakers.

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Henry Paulson's Op Ed in NYT

See, that's the difference between us. I'm conservative and disagree with all this bailout mania. Try to get SoCo to disagre with anything The Obama says.

However, I think it's ridiculous for a liberal to mock it when they would throw even more money at it. Among Democrat proposals I've seen have been proposals to trade bailouts for government ownership and government incentives for people to buy new cars.

Hmmm...we're in trouble because we've allowed too many people to borrow money they shouldn't be borowing, and we want to make it better by helping Americans go deeper in debt...

All of this bailout money doesn't just appear -- it ultimately has to be paid back from somewhere.

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Henry Paulson's Op Ed in NYT

this is all classic government knee jerk reaction--we must do something!!!!!, even if nothing should be done and with no idea of what the "something" might lead to in the future or if any results will come to pass. the republicans are desperate to massage their image after the loss and the democrats are desperate to show they can actually "lead",, even if it is the blind leading the blind into the ditch. Brick Wall,)

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