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Help WY Antelope Areas 17,19,23,24



I write from Austria. I'm in the autumn of this year in Wyoming and had the opportunity to go for a few days to hunt.

It would be interesting for me to hunt antelope. Now there is the possibility for Areas 17, 19, 23, 24 (around Gillette) to buy Leftover Licenses.

It is very difficult from Austria to get information. Even my English is very bad!

Maybe someone has hunted in these units and can give me information.

Even better: Maybe someone can make a contact with a rancher who lets me hunt on his land. (for a fee)

Thank you in advance!

Greetings from Austria


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Welcome to the fourum. You must really want an antelope, if you're willing to come from Austria. I can't help you much. However, if you can pay an outfitter, they could set you up and increase your odds of getting an antelope. Try googling "Gillete, Wy Antelope outfitter" you will see several websites for outfitters that do antelope near Gillete. Good luck.

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