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Help with VA hunting regulations

A little help please. My father-in-law owns some great land in Rappahannock county, Virgnia. I want to get back into hunting, and was wondering what regulations would apply to my father-in-law and I if we hunted on his land. I tried looking around on the state's site, but really couldn't find what I was looking for. Looks like we will start off with a little deer and turkey hunting. I'm wondering about season dates, licences, tags, bag limits, etc. If someone could point me in the right direction I would apprecaite it. Specifically, I am wondering which regs would pertain to us hunting on his private land, and which would not. Thanks.

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Help with VA hunting regulations


This site has all the game laws for 2008-2009. The new book will be out sometime late summer for 2009-2010.

As far as licenses go, your father in law can hunt his own land without a license, as long as he follows all the game regulations. You will need a license to hunt this land, but your children would not (because they are the grandchildren of a resident landowner.)

Any other questions should be answered by looking at the above link.

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Help with VA hunting regulations

i was gona ask the same question because my mom just bought some land and i was wonderin the same thing