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hello all, i grew up hunting in hunting in western nc, and what was for the most part on private property. therefore i am not used to having to hunt on federal gamelands.and not being an active hunter for some years, i am need of a little pointing in the right direction. my question is this, the upcoming spring turkey season april (14th-may 12th) where are the best places to in nc to bag a couple of gobblers on public gamelands? the only thing ive done so far is look at total harvest numbers from last season by county and figure out where to do some preseason scouting. however these harvest reports are not very specific, my main focus so far has been within the wilkes/caswell county region as they have had the highest number of reported harvests there. problem for me is that there are quite a few areas there of which to choose from. any sound advice on this would be greatly appreciated.thanks all.

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Don't know much bout the public land, checkout deerhuntingnc.com Gil knows the NC turkeys very well.

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