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Help Please

Trout is closed here in southwestern wisconsin.

so 3 weeks ago I went to my favorite PIKE water.

I casted my arm off and not a hit...

Before I left...

I sized up...

I put a large minnow colored shad rap on...

I mean a big one...

Just before I left I had a GIANT pike follow right to shore and turn.

I have been back every day since and not a hit.

From old memories...Pike are pretty territorial...

It is quite odd I have not picked up a little pike in three weeks of casting....

I have not tried live bait yet....

Next monday...gonna go to a large sucker.

ANY tricks or tips?

Have caught a couple decent pike at place in past...36/38/41 incher...This one dwards those.

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Help Please

I would say a sucker would be a good bet. Otherwise, back off a little, maybe the pike has seen everything you have in your tacklebox and is not buying it. a week or two off of that spot might help. Wait for ice up and see if you can set a few tip-ups for him.

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