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help picking a unit

hey everyone im new to the forum and ive been doing a good bit of reading but im having a hard time deciding every year me and my father do a elk trip this year we took points so were looking at otc's or leftovers witch is fine by us.  but last year we got 3rd season for woodland park otc's and  we barely could go a few feet without seeing other hunters. so this year wed like to plan well and put the odds in our favor. can anybody give us some advice as to which units my have better success rates i live in salida and he lives in CS but honestly were willing to go any where in the state and terrain isnt a big deal for us as were both in pretty good shape. also were not particular about the type of elk we'd prefer bull i mean who would'nt love to get that monster trophy but we'd be happy just having a good time and walking back into civilization with somthing. also our schedules are pretty flexible so the season isnt super important either. so if you vets wouldnt mind lending some secrets wed really apreciate any sage advice you can offer. 

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I never hunt units with OTC

I never hunt units with OTC tags. Too crowded, and too many non resident hunters. You live in a unit that doesn't have OTC tags. Why didn't you put in for the draw? It's easy to get tags.

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You will find that no matter

You will find that no matter where you go on public land that you are going to run into other hunters unless you find a hidden herd of animals that no one else know about.  If you are just a weekend hunter it even may seam worse than if you can get out in the middle of the week or after Monday when a lot of hunters have left the woods, and being within a couple of hours of the front range isn't going to help you any. 

One problem that you will see with a draw area for elk is that it needs to be a draw area for deer also or you will see a lot of deer hunters instead of elk hunters.

My best advise is to pick a unit and get to know it.  You don't have to hike 5 miles away from the roads but get at least a half of a mile which will get rid of a lot of hunters.  If you want to check out the harvest satististics for a unit they are listed on the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife site.   

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You might also think about

You might also think about the muzzleloader season. A lot less hunters, better weather, and near the rut if not in it.

It's all I hunt now. My unit has 70 ML hunters, and 850 rifle hunters. Not hard to do that math.

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