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Re: Remington and Sako
macro_grp02 wrote:
Remington and Sako's are great beginner shotguns and could be your permanent shotguns if you are able to handle these shotguns with ease. Personally, I recommend Remington 870 because they feel great and have that classic hunting look

Just curious. How are you defining a "beginner" shotgun? Maybe I just did it backwards, but as a beginner years ago I started off shooting what many consider high-end or at least better shotguns, i.e. Browning Auto-5's, Winchester Model 12, Browning Superposed, 870 Wingmasters, etc. They were all owned by dad. I never did own any shotguns of my own until I was able to scounge up enough cash to buy my self a couple. That began at age 19 when I bought my first shotgun a 12 ga Remington 870 Express. Couple years later I was able to afford a 12 ga Remington 11-87 Special Purpose automatic. While the 870 Express was put on the market to be a reliable economy shotgun. The 11-87 was of course one of the better field grade shotguns on the market at the time, but by no means considered a high-end shotgun. I have since acquired a couple other finer double barreled guns since. But, truth be told for the last 17 years it's those two basic field grade Remingtons that have spend 99% of the time with me both in the field and at the trap and sporting clays range. Both have seen lots of use, taken lots of birds, and broken lots of clays. Both have had lots of rounds fired through em, and both have the appearance to show it too. Big smile

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Help picking gun?

My first shotgun was a Remington 870 12ga, very easy to use if you're new to the sport.

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Help picking gun?

i've also had a Rem. 870 for about 20 yrs., never had any issues with it. I've used it for duck, geese, and deer. Great buy for the price.

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