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Help with Northeastern Tag

Hey everyone. I'm new here but I need some help.
Opening weekend of the deer hunt we hunted near Manila, Utah with absolutely no success. We usually go back up the second weekend but this year we're too busy for the 3 hour drive. I want to take my cousin Saturday and Sunday morning but I don't know where I can hunt Oops! . I live in Salt Lake and I just need some advice on where to hunt that is fairly close. My dad suggested Strawberry, but I don't know where to go up there. I'm not asking for anyone's secret spot or anything, I just want to hunt but I don't know where to go. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks Big smile !

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Help with Northeastern Tag

I hope you got out and enjoyed the weekend. It was beautiful weather. Which was part of the problem with the hunt. The animals shaded up and didn't move around much unless pushed.

We picked up a couple 4 points, but we hunted hard in areas that I know well. Most hutners I talked to this year didn't see much. Part of the fun of not having time to go back to your normal area is exploring some new country. Pick an area and get back off the roads and have fun exploring.