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Help me decide on which KImber Montana.

I went to the gun shop today to ,again, hold the Kimber Montana. I have some difficulty deciding which caliber to get for white tail here in the south. SO I went to look at them and the salesman wasn't any help whats so ever. Kimber has 3 different types of Montanas and this is where I am hitting a wall. I thought that I had my mind set on the 7mm-08 until I was told that it has a shoter barrel which will make it less accurate. The barrel lenght is 22" and weighs 5lbs.5oz. The 270 wsm has a 24" barrel and weighs 6lbs. 3oz. The 270 has 24" barrel and weighs 6lbs.9oz.
My questions are will the shorter barrel legnth be that much of a disadvantage shooting no more than 300-400 yards. I ususally shoot around 100-200 yards. Also the weight of the rifle will effect the recoil. Therefore being that the 7mm-08 is soooo light it shouldn't kick as bad.? And the 270 being heavier with a little more recoil should feel about the same as the 7mm-08 right? I kinda like the thought of a shorter rifle a little because it may be easier to handle in tight spaces but don't want to be limited to performance.
I just want a light gun that shoots flat,fast and has knock down power but with all of these factors I am just confused.

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Help me decide on which KImber Montana.

my 300 wsm has a 23" barrel and accuracy isnt a issue with it at all. as for weight its only 6 1/2 pounds so yes you do feel it a bit lol. but if you want a synthetic stock you have to compensate alittle bit right Thumbs up

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Help me decide on which KImber Montana.

It depends so much on your style of hunting. If you are a stalker I'd go with the lighter 7-08 but if you find yourself mainly in blinds and tree stands, the weight is not as much an issue so you could choose either. I like nice light rifles. I've had my sights set on the Remington 700 titanium.

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Help me decide on which KImber Montana.

Barrel length really has nothing to do with accuracy. On the contrary some people believe a shorter, stiffer barrel actually improves accuracy. Shorter barrel lengths may impede some of the muzzle velocity of the bullet but a 22 inch barrel would work just fine for any big game application. 2 inches of barrel length in the 22 inch 7mm-08 vs.the 24" 270 isnt going to make a hill of beans difference with taking a deer. 300 yards is about the max for the 7mm-08 as well as the 270 as well as most any hunter for that matter. If your shots are mainly 100-200 yards any of those 3 rifles and calibers will be fine. I cant believe the salesman didnt have any answers for you. What an idiot. These are great basic questions that he should know and be an expert in answering. If he told you the shorter barrel will impede accuracy he is leading you down the wrong path. My advice is unless this is the only place in town you can buy a Kimber I would seek out another opinion or salesman.

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Help me decide on which KImber Montana.

barrel lenght is not the most important thing to accuracy. the 7-08 is a great round for deer as is the 270, the shorter barrel will handle better in a stand but buy whats comfortable for you not what evry one tells you to, and if it recoils to much for you have a muzzle break installed.

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Help me decide on which KImber Montana.

The shorter barrel won't affect the accuracy, but if you plan to shoot 300-400 yards, i'd go with the 270win. It was designed for long range western hunting & you don't need a souped up cartridge like Hornady's light magnum to push the 7mm08. The 270 can do it with standard loads.

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Help me decide on which KImber Montana.

Some say accuracy tends to be better in shorter barrels (not so much you'd notice in a hunting rifle - as with so many other things) but at the very least accuracy is at least independent of length. In other words, longer barrels are not more accurate than shorter barrels. But barrel length can significantly effect velocity in the case of regular magnums (not short mags or standard cartridges)

Standard cartridges and short magnums do not need longer barrels like regular magnums (longer being 26" to 28") to attain maximum velocity like regular magnums which tend to lose an average of 100 fps per inch of barrel. Say if you start with a 26" barrel on your 300 Super Duper Magnum and are getting 3000 fps and you cut the barrel off to 23" you now will drop to 2700 fps (it's just a general rule and not set in stone at 100 fps per inch). For certain reasons the Short Magnums and Standard cartridges do not see this loss (an average number is about 10 fps per inch of barrel or none at all) and do not require a long barrel. Again, those numbers are not set in stone but thrown out as a relative comparison .

In other words, for the cartridges you are looking at barrel length is not really an issue in terms of accuracy or velocity.

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