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Help in making the move to Colorado

Hello everyone i just brought some land in Rio Grand Rancos not to far from Alamosa , has any one did any hunting in the rio grand are san juan forest out that away. And any info on that area would help just trying to learn a little about southwest colorado. Thanks

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Help in making the move to Colorado

That's pretty good hunting country down there, but most of the time people buy land that's advertised as hunting land, and it's just a 35 acre ranchette. There are also covenants forbidding hunting or shooting on those lands. But if you're backedup to National Forest Land, blocking access you could do well.

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Help in making the move to Colorado

I've hunted the San Juan down near Pagosa Springs saw lots of Deer real good numbers of elk. but lots of people in that area. Hunt the high ground push the extra mile in beyond the comfort zone of most average hunter this has proven most effective for us good luck. Any info. you can send my way on moving to CO. my wife and myself are looking to move there from Wisconsin.

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