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help (im tring to pick a new bow)

Before you go buying. Try one of the, new on the market, Rytera(?) Bullets. They're made by Martin. Parallel limb design and zero shock. If I hadn't just bought a new Martin Slayr. I'd be shooting one of those Bullets.
The Martin Slayr would be another one to look at. With the Nitrous Dual-Cam they are fast, extremely fast.
I've been up and down with the carbons. They are nice. Washington has a minimum grains of arrow weight per pound of bow weight regulation of 6.0grs, for hunting.
When you start shooting the lighter arrows. The poundage on the bow drops to stay within the weight requirement. For 3D you can throw the carbons like a lazer beam.
I have the Slayr set up with carbons. I set the weight of the bow at a maximum 61 lbs. to stay within the minimum grs/lbs requirement.
Last season I was shooting carbons at a styrofoam target, through the Slayr. After a short session, of shooting. I noticed that it looked like the carbons were starting to fray at the point. I didn't care much for that. After more research, what I thought was fraying was actually melted styrofoam stuck on the shaft. The Slayr was throwing the arrows fast enough to melt the foam onto the shaft, from the friction.

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help (im tring to pick a new bow)

You could also look into used bows...that drops the price a lot and usually the bows aren't used very much

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help (im tring to pick a new bow)

I love Fred Bear bows.....on my second one right now and love it!

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help (im tring to pick a new bow)

try looking at bowtech or matthews but will have to get more money.

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