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Help with a Hunt-related Honeymoon!!!

My fiance and I are from Minnesota and are avid bow hunters. We are looking to do an out of state hunt for our honeymoon and would like advice on which states provide over the counter archery tags for non-residents, any semi-guided and guided hunt advice, etc

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How about a bear hunt??

Congratulations and welcome to the site. My friends and I have been going to Quebec every spring for over ten years on a bear hunt. It's a beautiful camp with private cabins on a pristine lake, full of pike and walleyes. My wife comes almost every year and she really enjoys it. There has never been a year that we all didn't tag out. The bears average about 200 pounds and every year one of us kill one or two over 300 pounds. Private message me for more info if interested. Kevin

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Welcome to the forum and

Welcome to the forum and congratulations.  

As much as I love to hunt and would love to find someone to share that love with me I just can't seem to put the two words "honeymoon" and "hunting" together.

Now perhaps a nice romantic fishing trip where you really don't need to fish with a nice lake in the picture would be my idea.

However if hunting is in your plans then I could recommend a outfitter out of British Colombia.  They have lots or bear and it is a wilderness hunt on horseback.  They are A/Z Outfitters

Good luck on what ever you decide and the marriage.

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When is the honeymoon

Hey Shasta...when do you plan to do this honeymoon hunt?  That will affect what your best opportnities are.

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Hunting Together

CONGRATS TO YOU first of all.

What time of year were you two thinking of doing the hunt ??
SASK offers spring bear hunts (archery/rifle) and fall whitetail hunts (guided archery/muzzle/rifle)
Depending on what you are looking for , the tags are both readily available from the outfitter although i am not sure on pricing. Some Indian Reservations also offer hunts for some species.
Good luck in your quest and have fun wherever you choose to go

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over the counter

To the best of my knowledge - no Canadian provinces offer "over the counter" tags to non-Canadian residents. They might sell you a tag over the counter (SK and NS will), but you'll need to be with a guide to use it.

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