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HELP- Have a Lewis Rv. special hunt elk tag!!!

I got the tag for a special archery hunt from Nov 19-30 PROBLEM: I have to be in Idaho for my yearly whitetail hunt with my brother...

If I had a guide I could get in and out of the Lewis GMU with an elk in a couple days I would bet....

Can anyone offer some advice? Anyone know or have a (quality) outfitter in that area? I have hunted the Pac. Crest Trail before- so I know the terrain and I've been through a bit of the area camping and hunting (I used to live in the south sound so hunted it a bit), I just can't afford a week of snoping and pooping- I have a few days on either side of the Thanksgiving week -

I'm willing to buy, trade, barter for a guide.

Someone knows something--- please help a guy out!

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