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Help getting my dogs started

Hi all
I'm looking for any suggestions to help me get my dogs started on hogs.
Here's my situation.
Last January I brought home a dog from the pound and my neighbor says he looks like a Plott hound. The pound had him listed as a brindle shepherd, greyhound mix. The 2nd time he said this I got to looking into it on the internet and I'd say he was right. That led me to find out I can hog hunt here in Oklahoma year round and subsequently here. I was and still am pumped about finding this out as I no longer have to go thru hunting withdrawal at the end of deer season.
I already had 2 dogs from the pound, both 2 years old now.
Peewee is a shepherd/chow mix, 55 lbs, is officially my sons dog and makes a great pack dog as he follows Sammy, my Plott, everywhere he goes. He is all business all the time, very little to no play drive.
Daisy is a retriever mix, 40 lbs, officially my daughters dog. She is very high energy and insanely quick and fast. However, she's skittish and still has a high play drive. We haven't got on any hogs yet but I will be most interested in seeing what she does/how she reacts when we do. I would very much like her to follow Sammy as Peewee does when we go out but most of the time she follows right behind me.
Sammy is 18 months old and 50 lbs with a high hunt drive and incredible agility. He will climb trees and jump out of them and scare the crap out of me. I suspect he will be silent on track if I ever get him learned to track.
So then a few weeks ago I got a pit puppy, she's 3 months and I have high hopes for her. Daisy being high energy and high play drive gives her great work outs several times a day. The owners I got her from said she was the highest energy of the lot.
The dogs I got now is what I have to go with. I'm not in a financial position to add any more dogs.
Me. I turned 40 last Monday. But I'm still high energy, highly motivated and in good shape. I ran 3 miles in 22:58 on my birthday and I can get down and do 100 push ups in one set. I run just about every day and the dogs go with me.
The only land I have to hunt on right now is public land. There's a fairly small strip of public land that follows the red river right at the OK/TX border that I've gone to 4 times now since this spring. Last weekend was the first weekend I've actually seen hogs there. Shot at them with my rifle but missed, I'll get em next time for sure! The good news is I met a local land owner who was so happy to find out I was there hunting hogs that he later sent his son to find me and take me around to where they been seeing them lately.
My plan right now is to take my trap down there next time I go and prop open the door with plenty of food in there, then the following weekend bring more food and set it. Hope I get a fairly small one in there I can set free and let the dogs get their first taste of what I want them to do.
Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!


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