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Help with finding out the name of this pistol

You know I could probably walk into a local firearm shop and ask this, but having a little insight elsewhere helps too.

I attached a picture of a couple of classic pistols. It's the symbol for the US Army Military Police. My brother is a Master Sgt. with an MP unit and returned home last week from his 3rd tour in Iraq. I'm going to make a trip down to see him over New Years (I'd go now but he has a family and needs all the time in the world with them right now.) I want to purchase this pistol for him. I've looked around online and can't seem to locate the exact replica of this pistol. I've checked Cabelas and Traditions. Calebas has one that looks similar but I'd like to make sure I have the right "type."

Maybe someone here has some experince that can help me identify this pistol. Thanks a bunch!

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Help with finding out the name of this pistol

Hello from Germany!

It is a bit difficult, because the area under the barrel can't be characterized right. But I think the sign shows two Harper's Ferry flinter pistols.