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Help for a cooped up student

I'm going to law school at the University of Colorado and I'm starting to go stir crazy. I drew a deer tag this year but only had two days to get out and didn't fill it, and didn't draw anything else. I really want to get out again sometime this season but I'm pretty short on money and time to drive more than a few hours from the Boulder/Denver area. I was thinking of maybe getting a leftover doe tag for late rifle season and hunting on the BGAP ranches, but I won't be able to get out until December 19. I've heard those ranches can get hunted pretty hard at the start of the season, would there be any point in trying it that late in the year?

Also, are there any OTC elk units I could look into for third season that can still hold elk on public land? Unit numbers are fine, no one has to give up their honey hole! Thanks so much for any help.

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dont know

I cant help with your area, but it might help pass the time until you can get out again by checking out the stories section of this site