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Help with cold feet!!!

I need anyone's advice. My feet seem to sweat whether my feet are cold or hot. I have tried every kind of sock that I know of and all kinds of boots. Of course it's not a problem when I am walking but I do alot of sitting when deer hunting and some when I am elk hunting. I did some sitting in Colorado this year and was almost afraid i was going to get frost bite because my feet got so cold. Wanted to see of anyone out there had some advice or trick. Thanks.

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Help with cold feet!!!

I have much the same problem and my solution is Boot Blankets, worn over good hunting boots when I sit. Hunting boots may be insulated or not, depending on the weather. Keeps my feet nice and warm!

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Help with cold feet!!!

I have never tried it but a friend sprays antiperspirant on his feet. Says its for odor control but if it will stop it from sweating then it may be what you are looking for.

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Help with cold feet!!!

You mentioned you tried different socks, but do you wear sock liners. I have used them for several years now and they really help by moving the moisture away from the foot.

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Help with cold feet!!!

Here's a different approach -- put on a hat.

It's a physiological fact that as your body cools, one of the first things it does is to restrict blood flow to the extremities in order to concentrate heat in the core. So if you keep your core temperature up, the blood will keep flowing to your feet and they'll stay warmer.

I'd also recommend paying attention to your clothing. Avoid cotton at all costs, and wear stuff that wicks moisture away from you. Also be sure to dress light when you're walking in to your stand. You don't want to sweat when you're active, because when you stop, your body has to keep that moisture warm, too. If you dress light, you won't sweat nearly as much, and whatever sweat you do produce can evaporate easily. Carry your jacket, sweater, warm hat, etc in a pack so you don't sweat on the way in, and then layer up when you're stationary.

Take it from a guy that lives where they invented cold. Keep your core temp up, and your feet will stay warmer.

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