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help adding pictures

OK, maybe i am dense but..... how do you add pictures to your post?

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help adding pictures

There are a couple ways you can add photos.

Some people like to use outside photo hosting services (like photobucket) and then simply insert the code.

Or, to add photos directly into your post without hosting elsewhere, you simply add as an attachment. When you are typing your post, below the box you will see "add an attachment." Click on the "browse" button and find the photos on your computer. Then click "add attachment." If you are on a slow connection and the file is large it can take a minute or two to upload. You can upload 3 into one post. If you have more photos, then simply reply to your own post and add more photos.

To cut down on upload time and have photos load up more quickly for visitors, you should try to reduce the file size of your photo. This is something you would need to do on your computer before uploading.

Let us know if you have more questions!

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