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Help with 45/70 govt. handi rifle sights

I just recently purchased a H&R 45/70 govt. handi rifle. I would like to change out the sights to a peep sight instead of the factory ramp. Any suggestions? Also I would like to thicken up the forearm to make for a more comfortable hold. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help.

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I believe I can help you with

I believe I can help you with the peep sight.

Williams gunsight  http://www.williamsgunsight.com/gunsights/gunsightsdefault.htm offers that in two different models. #70273 (FP-H&R) and the #70260 (FP-H&R-TK) which comes with target knobs. You're looking at $74.00 for the first one and $85.00 for the second - plus shipping, of course.

This store is not far from where I live. I have done business with them, and have always been satisfied.

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